We take a personal interest in the well-being of our clients.

When our team joined forces a few years ago, we shared a common vision and passion for helping people with their financial needs during significant times in their lives. Over time, we embraced two principles that guide us in partnering with potential clients. First, we only engage with people with whom we can connect on a personal level. Because our clients eventually become our friends, it is important that we enjoy each others’ company, professionally and socially.

The second principle is that we engage in a new relationship only if we believe that we can make a difference in someone’s life. We owe our time to existing clients, so we are thoughtful and deliberate in starting each new relationship. For new engagements, we make team decisions based on personal chemistry, realistic expectations and available resources.

Our approach may not be suited for someone looking for a quick solution. Developing a personalized strategy requires time, effort and commitment, but it leads to better results. The team is energized each time we enter in a new relationship. We know from experience that sound financial guidance can make a positive difference in dealing with the transitions of one’s life.

Signatures of Bogie, Perry and Julie.