Planning Through Divorce

A marital transition affects you not only emotionally, but financially. We will guide you through the financial part of the divorce settlement process to minimize surprises. What might first appear as an equal distribution of an asset may not be equal after considering the original cost basis and tax consequences of liquidating or transferring the asset.

After a settlement has been reached, we work with you to create a plan to support your current lifestyle and to achieve your future goals. We can help simplify your life at this inherently complex time.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Julia specializes in the financial issues surrounding divorce. The role of the CDFA includes acting as an advisor to the client and to their divorce lawyer during the divorce process. A CDFA uses his or her knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning to achieve an equitable settlement.

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Please keep in mind that diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Alternative investments involve specific risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments and may be offered only to clients who meet specific suitability requirements, including minimum net worth tests. You should consider the special risks with alternative investments including limited liquidity, tax considerations, incentive fee structures, potentially speculative investment strategies, and different regulatory and reporting requirements. You should only invest in hedge funds, managed futures or other similar strategies if you do not require a liquid investment and can bear the risk of substantial losses. There can be no assurance that any investment will meet its performance objectives or that substantial losses will be avoided.